How to Create Vegas Events That Go Off Without a Hitch

Screenshot of Animation Video

Here’s a video showing a reverse explosion, where chaos is eliminated and everything comes together exactly the way they should. Imagine This … Imagine a house blowing up, energy increasing in volume until it’s released in an explosion that sends every bit of the home’s foundation, structure, and contents sailing into the air. Imagine the…

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This Is What the Best AV Solutions Look Like

Precision Matters

If you choose your AV partner wisely, the ROI of your AV solutions can be good for your bottom line. Audio visual production is a critical part of any successful event, but it can eat up a large portion of the event budget. However, if you choose your AV partner wisely, the return on investment…

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The Best AV Technicians in the Industry

Team of Lighting Technicians and Staff

Our clients tell us we have the best AV technicians in the industry. Though we may be biased, we agree. We’ve built our proprietary training program for AV technicians with intention in order to hire and retain professional, conscientious, service-oriented staff who provide the exceptional service our clients expect. The skills and service these talented…

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How Intelligent AV Design Can Save You Money

Total Show Technology,

Intelligent AV Design involves custom guidance instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Your AV partner can help you make strategic decisions. Meeting planners and producers have two needs. They want their shows to (1) meet budgetary constraints and (2) go off without a hitch. In line with these goals, they may share AV design specs and other…

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Site Inspection Checklist: 10 Things to Look Out For

Site Inspection Checklist: 10 Things to Look Out for During Site Visits

Learn the 10 most important things to include on your site inspection checklist when you’re doing a venue site visit. While site visits are fairly standard at local venues, sites visits are more challenging when venues are located in other states or geographic areas. It’s not uncommon for meeting planners and their AV event production…

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