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Happy Holidays from all of us at Total Show Technology -- and Lois Comfort Dog - square

Lois Comfort Dog: Helping People in Need

Lois Comfort Dog is a K-9 comfort dog who brings a calming influence to people who are suffering or grieving. ...
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The K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry

Lois is a K-9 comfort dog (LCC Comfort Dog Ministry) cared for by trained handlers, including TST President Rick Pollock. ...
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TST laptops and audiovisual production gear for rent.

Coronavirus Protection: What TST Is Doing to Protect Clients

TST is taking an aggressive approach towards coronavirus protection to safeguard our clients and employees from current and future threats. ...
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Drivers’ Edge Driving Education Total Show Technology

Conversation with Jeff Payne, CEO of Non-Profit Driver’s Edge

TST is a proud supporter of Driver's Edge, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping save the lives of young drivers. ...
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Boy Embracing Pet Dog

TST Support for K-9 Comfort Dogs

Have you met Lois? She's a K-9 comfort dog cared for by her trained handlers, including TST President Rick Pollock. ...
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Total Show Technology Team

TST’s AV Internship Program

TST hired four interns from Southeast Career Technical Academy as apprentice shop assistants. We're thrilled to have them on board! ...
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