18 01, 2018

5 AV Trends to Consider in 2018

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Technology evolves rapidly, and trying to keep up with the latest trends will keep your head spinning. But when it comes to planning a meeting or event, implementing new AV technology can transform it from average to awesome. So how can you step up your game in 2018? Here are some AV trends to give your event that “wow” factor. LED Walls: Once used exclusively for outdoor video display, LED walls have been indoor-ready for several years

10 01, 2018


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Projection Technology Do’s and Don’ts.  Building the Best Keynote and General Session at Your Next Conference. New high-tech video walls are becoming more popular, but over 80% of today’s conference keynotes and general sessions run on projection technology.  Why?  For one simple reason: Projectors get you the largest display for the least cost.  Projectors are used to make large images using a single source to create the entire image. They are still the king in our markets. When using a projection [...]

9 01, 2018


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4K Technology.  Why is everyone using 4K UHD displays? The industry now uses 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), because 4K UHD is simply clearer. You can tell the difference right away. The image is clearer and easily readable. Hollywood movies are currently being shot in 4K and many services that make content for users are creating 4K content pieces. We are seeing high technology markets including Consumer Electronics, Computers, Streaming Video, Mobile, and Gaming adopting 4K as their screen or display of choice at every [...]