Coronavirus Protection: What TST Is Doing to Protect Clients

Coronavirus Protection: What TST Is Doing to Protect Clients

TST is taking an aggressive approach towards coronavirus protection to safeguard our clients and employees from current and future threats.

COVID-19 has wrought a path of disruption and loss in the events industry, which has heightened awareness of the importance of personal hygiene and corporate responsibility. TST is taking an aggressive approach to protect our clients and employees not only from the current threat but also from similar future threats.

As our clients know, in order to maintain a meticulously organized office and warehouse at all times, TST already follows strict equipment checkout protocols that include general cleaning and routine maintenance on all equipment, drape, and cable. We also offer free vaccinations to all employees and their families.

As part of our updated quality control (QC) process, TST is also doing the following:

  • Washing and sanitizing all microphone grilles and windscreens after each use.
  • Wiping down equipment surfaces and cellphones with anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Including alcohol-based hand-sanitizing stations throughout the shop and office.
  • Supplying all trucks with hand sanitizer.
  • Reinforcing the importance of personal hygiene at work and home.

In addition, we are sanitizing all high-touch items (mixers, handheld microphones, wireless belt packs, headsets, laptops, windscreens, remotes, computer keyboards, and mice) with special UV sterilization technology that breaks the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and molds. We will follow this sterilization process every time gear comes back into our shop.

Coronavirus Protection: UV Sterilization

Continuous low doses of light on the far end of the UVC spectrum (called far-ultraviolet C, or far-UVC) can kill airborne flu viruses without posing a danger to humans or harming human tissues. The finds in a 2018 study at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center suggest that use of overhead far-UVC light may reduce the incidence of seasonal influenza infections and influenza pandemics.

Conventional germicidal lamps using broad-spectrum UVC light are not safe for humans to be around. They can cause skin cancer and cataracts in the eyes with prolonged exposure. However, the far-UVC light does not damage human tissues. Broad spectrum UVC light has the power to kill bacteria and viruses by breaking molecular bonds.

Far-UVC brings all of the benefits of UV light in terms of killing microbes but none of the health hazards. Far-UVC has very short wavelengths. It can penetrate and destroy microscopic bacteria and viruses, and it cannot travel through the protective outer layers of human skin or eyes. That means it is effective against illnesses and has a very limited range and cannot penetrate the outer dead-cell layer of human skin or the tear layer in the eye.

Coronavirus Protection: Decontamination of Surfaces and Equipment

TST’s new UV technology is enabling us to disinfect and sterilize shop equipment. This technology is effective against a range of viruses, molds, and bacteria, including flu, colds, measles, E.Coli, Salmonella, TB, CRKP, MRSA, and VRE. We are using the UV technology to decontaminate worktop surfaces, desks, drawers, cupboards, walls, and tools. In addition to the UVC emitting bulb, this UV sanitizer also includes brightened reflectors to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and output of UVC emissions by up to 30%.

Thank You for Your Business and Your Support

All of us at TST appreciate the trust you have put in us, and we are taking active steps to make sure our work environment and the equipment used on show site are as clean and safe as possible. We value your business and look forward to continuing to serve you during and after these challenging times.

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