The Best AV Technicians in the Industry

How We Employ the Best AV Technicians in the Industry - Total Show Technology

Our clients tell us we have the best AV technicians in the industry. Though we may be biased, we agree.

We’ve built our proprietary training program for AV technicians with intention in order to hire and retain professional, conscientious, service-oriented staff who provide the exceptional service our clients expect. The skills and service these talented individuals provide differentiate us from our many competitors in the audio visual production and events industries.

We Employ the Best AV Technicians

Our program for AV technicians begins with the toughest hiring process in the business. We use questionnaires and DISC profiles to identify strengths and weaknesses and to match prospective employees with the job that will enable them to thrive. We hold multi-stage interviews to ensure that prospects are a fit for TST and that TST is a fit for them. Once hired, AV technicians begin a formal, cross-functional training program. Training then continues throughout the employee’s career at TST.

Our strategic, mission-critical incentives for AV technicians include a combination of online and in-person courses (including industry-leading AVIXA/CTS training), quick check evaluations, technical proficiency tests, on-call and triage bonuses, and premium pay.

Our goal is to help the industry’s best AV technicians build experience, especially when they have a passion for the work and for supporting our valued clients.

Our Clients Trust Our Team to Follow Through

Everybody says their staff is best. Ours actually is.

Our average employee tenure is 8 years, which is unheard of at most audio visual production companies. In the last three years, only two AV technicians left our team. Let’s just say we don’t host too many goodbye parties.

Along those lines, we’re often asked how we manage to have such low turnover in an industry known for its extremely high turnover.

The answer is simple. TST is an amazing company because of our people. At TST, we believe that if our staff are happy, engaged, and challenged each and every day, the stage is set for ongoing collaboration and growth. They join TST, they grow in their jobs, and they gain continual opportunities they wouldn’t have anywhere else. They stick around because they know we have their best interests at heart.

Our clients, in turn, have come to know and rely on our project managers, AV technicians, and other team members. They count on our team to support their conferences, events, and trade shows year in and year out. Our team is a valuable asset to our clients and contribute to their success. Our clients know we are committed to making their lives easier and making them look good.

Why Total Show Technology?

TST is the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces events, meetings, and trade shows. We own the Pacific Southwest market and travel with our clients all across the country. Our clients have relied on us to deliver audio, video, lighting, equipment rental, and show production for conventions, corporate meetings and events, and trade shows since 1996.

Whether you’re looking for audio visual support or advanced event technologies that enable you to deliver your message effectively, we help your shows go off without a hitch and always make you look good. In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

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