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If you choose your AV partner wisely, the ROI of your AV solutions can be good for your bottom line.

Audio visual production is a critical part of any successful event, but it can eat up a large portion of the event budget. However, if you choose your AV partner wisely, the return on investment (ROI) can outweigh the costs and bring other long-term benefits. Let’s look at why the best AV solutions can be very good for your bottom line.

Not All AV Is Created Equal

Low-budget AV can result in all kinds of distracting and brand-killing moments. Picture poor lighting that leaves the stage in the shadows, attendees who can’t hear the presenters, shaky projection that has attendees squinting to see, and missed cues (like when your CEO announces a video that won’t play).

When the projector isn’t quite bright enough for the room, people notice. When attendees struggle to make out the images on the screen, they lose interest and tune out. Said another way, saving money on AV usually comes at a high price. Today’s sophisticated audiences have the world in high definition at their fingertips, and they won’t settle for mediocre production values. With every show, your reputation is at stake. Every show gives you a chance to either reinforce your good name or call it into question.

The Best AV Solutions Require Experienced Staff with the Best Equipment

AV costs basically fall into two categories—equipment and labor—both of which are expensive for AV companies to maintain. Many companies carry millions of dollars in inventory, and they pay their trained, talented, reliable AV technicians competitive wages. Beyond that, industry trends and changes require constant updates and recurring training with manufacturers and certification agencies.

When you work with an AV partner with both substantial experience and the latest gear and technology, you’ll have one successful show after another. Skilled AV techs know how to keep your show on track. They also know what to do when things go wrong. They’ve seen everything, and they know how to manage risks. The best AV solutions give you peace of mind that your events will go off without a hitch.

The Best AV Solutions Aren’t Commodity Solutions

There’s another way you can improve your AV production ROI. If you want to reduce your initial investment while maintaining the outcome, use an AV production company that discusses your event, your needs, and your expectations with you, always with your interests in mind. If you don’t get new ideas and budget-maximizing suggestions from your partner, your partner isn’t working to optimize your investment.

In addition, guest speakers are often industry influencers, professional experts your attendees want to see and whose opinions attendees trust. These speakers can make or break the first impression of your event. Would you rather they work with a team struggling to keep things under control or a seasoned team that’s anticipating their presence and ready to make their lives easier? The best AV solutions involve an AV team that knows how to work closely with presenters ahead of time, especially speakers on the professional speaking circuit.

Experiences That Bring Audiences Back

Audience engagement is integral to today’s events, and AV is a great tool for increasing engagement and doing everything you can to ensure your event ratings soar. Whether you have a $50k headliner keynote or well-crafted digital content to accompany major corporate announcements, ensure you make the most of your investment. Ask questions, evaluate the answers, and seek someone who is on your side. (And on the side of your budget!)

Most importantly, remember that implementing the best AV solutions won’t happen by accident. By choosing the right AV partner, you will avoid mistakes while also advancing your agenda and organizational brand. When the AV at your event is stellar, you’re telling your audience that your organization understands what an exceptional experience looks like and takes care of all the details. You’re also telling them that, by extension, you are committed to giving them an exceptional experience and taking care of them too.

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Whether you’re looking for audio visual support or advanced event technologies that enable you to deliver your message effectively, we help your shows go off without a hitch and always make you look good. In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

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