3 Kinds of Support You Get from the Best AV Companies

Best AV Companies

What support should you expect from your AV production partner? Does your partner always step in where they’re needed most?

At a recent show, my client, a technical director, arrived onsite and greeted the AV production crew. When he saw we had everything under control, he began opening FedEx packages, laying them out on the ground, and building signs for the show.

Now, as a technical director, my client is a pro who regularly wears many hats and handles endless responsibilities on show site. Nonetheless, my role as his partner and advocate is to help him in any way I can, and I saw that he could use a hand. Over the next hour, we assembled signs and hung banners. During that time, we also talked in depth about his recent and upcoming shows – their successes, challenges, and pain points.

This experience opened my eyes. I realized that not every client engagement involves a formal sit down with a fixed agenda. Instead, it’s often a good idea to make the most of every opportunity to lend clients a hand while also learning a lot about each other and exchanging important ideas and feedback in the process. That’s just one reason why it’s important to always work with only the best AV companies.

Above-and-Beyond Support from the Best AV Companies

Technical directors, producers, meeting and event planners, and project managers achieve three main benefits when they work with one of the best AV companies:

  1. Gain needed support. Most shows have MANY end of time-critical tasks that require diligent attention to detail and as much support as possible. An AV production partner should always offer extra support while on show site. Examples include helping the client print copies of a new show flow or other internal documents, set programs on seats, pick up FedEx deliveries, or even straighten table linens. Other examples include bringing extra power, phone chargers, flash drives, and hardwired Internet connections (e.g., Ethernet ports) that your client can use in a pinch. (And make sure they know how to set up the technology and accessories and optimize their use.)
  2. Brainstorm ideas and solve problems. A real team member goes beyond delineated roles and responsibilities to share key insights and glean valuable information about client events – information that couldn’t have been learned otherwise. When small talk turns into real dialogue and human engagement, team members provide better support and contribute more strategically to each show’s success.
  3. Build long-term relationships. Trusted relationships often aren’t built over a conference table. Technical directors, producers, meeting and event planners, and project managers need a partner who understands that their reputation is on the line with every show. They need a go to resource they can rely on – someone with a service mentality who proactively solves their problems and makes their lives easier.

Step Up, Step In, and Make Your Clients’ Lives Easier

Meeting and event planners, technical directors, and project managers have a lot on their plates. Peace of mind is great. Peace of mind combined with above and beyond support is even better. That’s why you should work with one of the best AV companies.

To be clear, the key is to find a partner that always steps in where they’re needed most. The number one question I like to ask clients: How can I help?

Remember: The right partner always steps up to offer support and always steps in to do what’s needed to get the job done.

Why Total Show Technology?

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Melissa Skipworth