ILEA Projection Mapping at the Las Vegas Vendor Showcase

ILEA Projection Mapping - Total Show Technology

ILEA projection mapping and environmental indoor lighting set the scene and helped make the event memorable and inspiring for attendees.

Most years, the International Live Events Association (ILEA) holds a large vendor showcase in Las Vegas. One of their pre-pandemic events was held at THE INDUSTRIAL, a premiere event space located adjacent to The Strip. Total Show Technology (TST) used outdoor projection mapping and environmental indoor lighting to set the scene and make the event memorable and inspiring for attendees.

ILEA is the principal association representing the global creative events profession. The ILEA Las Vegas Chapter Vendor Showcase is the forum where live event producers, special event planners, and suppliers come together to do business. The event attracts professionals from all sectors of the industry who are looking for high-quality live event resources to enhance their meetings and events.

At this high-profile event, ILEA projection mapping really set the stage. Attendees came to the showcase expecting to see new ideas and innovative video and lighting event solutions, and TST delivered.

ILEA Projection Mapping

Projection mapping aims to provide a thoroughly engaging experience for event attendees through visual stimulation. Projection mapping, also called spatial augmented reality and 3D mapping, involves the use of technology to project imagery onto a three-dimensional surface instead of on a traditional flat surface.

The projections can be as simple as indoor stage lighting and effects or as complex as video mapped onto buildings and industrial landscapes. Essentially, technology is used to manipulate lighting onto a variety of surface types in order to turn common objects into interactive, 3D displays.

Today, projection mapping is increasingly popular because it’s a way to add textures, colors, and emotional imagery to an environment. You can project anything from your logo or sponsor branding to cinema-style narratives.

Should You Use Projection Mapping at Your Next Event?

ILEA projection mapping wowed attendees, capturing attention and dramatically improving engagement and event publicity. Many organizations want to use projection mapping at their corporate and association events in order to program new content over and over again and apply that content to a range of surfaces at any venue. Other goals include making events more memorable and making images and video of projection mapped walls and other structures sharable on social media.

Many assume projection mapping is prohibitively expensive, and the truth is that it can be. But when you work with the right audiovisual (AV) production partner, projection mapping can be an affordable solution. First thing’s first – you need to clearly understand your options. Start by asking these key questions:

  1. What is your budget, and what technology solutions are available within your budget?
  2. What areas do you want to focus on at the venue?
  3. What sort of content do you want to display – A video? A slide presentation? Your company logo? Your company’s products? Vendor branding?

Seek professional, creative input and outcomes from a respected industry leader that has the specialized projection technology required to put on a great show. In addition, you can work with your audiovisual production partner to ensure synchronization of your 3D projection requirements and proper AV setup, as well as create, test, and customize your projection display well before your event.

By consulting with your AV company in advance, you can ensure your expectations are realistic. Your AV team should be able to assess which options will truly engage your attendees and share new ideas that fit both your needs and your budget.

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