Top 4 AV Trends to Try in 2020

Top 4 AV Trends to Try in 2020

Which AV trends are worth your time and money in 2020? Rick Pollock and other RSN industry experts weigh in.

In 2020, event attendees are craving immersive experiences that use high-impact audio visual (AV) technology and deliver thought-provoking, entertaining content. Event attendees have higher expectations with each passing year, so you’ll want to make sure your events stand out in 2020. However, it can be hard to know which AV trends are worth your time and money.

The events industry experts at the Rental & Staging Network (RSN) can help. In fact, RSN recently asked TST President Rick Pollock and other leaders from RSN member companies to weigh in. (You can read the entire RSN story here.)

Trend #1: Projection Mapping

Projection mapping delivers the ultimate wow factor for events, creating immersive experiences like no other. In 2020, projection mapping will be everywhere from indoor and outdoor galas to more traditional conferences and trade shows.

2D and 3D projection mapping brings surfaces to life, transforming objects and spaces of any size into artful canvases. As RSN points out, you can use projection mapping to create a buzzing skyline inside a foyer space or create a dramatic stage design behind a presenter. Best of all, in 2020 projection mapping is more affordable than ever before.

Trend #2: Holographic Imaging

Holographic imaging is a big AV trend for 2020. Beyond the floating logos and displays often seen at events, you can use holographic imaging to incorporate dazzling 3D images into a set design or to introduce remote presenters and add excitement on stage. Event planners can even use holograms to produce stunning interactive sponsor promotions.

Trend #3: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

In 2020, the question isn’t if you will be using virtual reality (VR) but how you’ll be using it. While nothing can replace face-to-face interaction, VR and augmented reality (AR) will definitely be shaking up the events landscape.

For starters, VR completely takes over the senses, creating transformative experiences that expand attendee engagement beyond that which presentations and videos can offer. For trade shows, VR can be used to provide immersive product demonstrations and 360-degree tours of a product or space.

“As prices rise for freight and exhibit booths and as labor prices increase, we have to engage audiences in new ways,” TST’s Rick Pollock says. “VR will be a huge part of exhibits and trade shows. Key products and equipment will be onsite, but larger, heavier gear that is expensive to transport will be demoed in a booth.”

AR, in turn, can be used to showcase products or engage attendees, combining real and virtual worlds with smartphones or wearable glasses.

Trend #4: Innovative LED Displays

LED technology is on the front line of innovation, enabling companies to capture attention in dramatic new ways. If you need big video walls and an exceptional LED visual impact, LEDskin is your solution.

LEDskin is a revolutionary product for the exhibit building market, creating new opportunities and extra value for both modular systems and the LED marketplace. Coupled with a stand building product like beMatrix, LED tiles are automatically aligned with each other and to a frame system. The tiles are easily released and replaced with magnets.

For trade shows and conventions, LEDskin is a game-changing product. It’s a surefire way to make sure your display stands out.

“LEDskin turns an exhibit booth into an eye-catching show place,” Rick says. “The days of static graphics in fixed locations are gone. With LEDskin, your graphics and videos can be formatted to fit anywhere in your exhibit and changed easily as needs arise. Content can even be changed from hour to hour during an event.”

The same product can be used in unlimited designs. “Coupled with good content, LEDskin will help you capture attention from across the trade show floor,” Rick adds.

AV Trends That Will Get Your Attendees Talking

Meetings and events in 2020 will focus on creating personalized attendee experiences and forging real connections.

With 26 of the finest live-event staging companies across the country as members, RSN is equipped to help meeting and event planners deliver 2020 events and trade show booths that are immersive, engaging, and memorable.

You can read the entire RSN story here.

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