3 Ways to Make Your Exhibition Design Stand Out

How can your booth or exhibition design help you build valuable relationships and close sales? Read on to learn more!

Trade show booths and displays are supposed to offer a firsthand brand experience targeted at people who pass by or directly seek out those booths. However, the truth is that exhibition design often has little impact on prospects or other passersby. Booths often blend in with the pack. While little damage is done in such cases, brands could be taking advantage of opportunities to offer prospects a powerful, in-person brand experience.

A trade show booth is intended to draw prospects in and keep them engaged once they enter. Therein lies the challenge. How can brands craft a compelling booth or exhibition experience that visitors will remember, one that helps them build relationships and close sales? Here, I’ll cover some valuable tips related to great exhibit design.

Tip #1: Put Your Brand Front and Center

An effective exhibition design should reflect the goals you want to achieve at the show and put your brand and your product offerings front and center. Keep those goals in mind when designing your exhibit booth. Also make sure the look and feel of your booth clearly communicate your brand message and value, provide key information about your offerings, and reinforce the most important elements of your brand.

In addition, greet booth visitors and offer to answer questions while also giving booth visitors room to roam. Visitors can be put off by too-aggressive approaches; at the same time, they can feel ignored if you don’t acknowledge their presence. The more friendly and respectful you are, the better your chance of engaging in conversations that enable you to identify qualified leads.

Tip #2: Create an Inviting Space

At trade shows, you’re often competing with dozens (or even hundreds or thousands) of other companies selling similar products. Regardless how many competitors are onsite, you usually have only seconds to command the attention of the prospects passing by. Make every second count by keeping your booth design clean and simple.

First, decide the best way to showcase your company’s products. Smaller, well-spaced product pedestals invite visitors to both see and touch your products. Next, create an open space with great flow to encourage people to move through the space. Where possible, ensure the design allows visitors to access the space from multiple sides so visitors feel comfortable walking in and out of your exhibit. Finally, include relaxing lounge chairs that appeal to visitors who want to linger and participate in the conversations that matter. The space should be clutter-free – some booths are so chaotic that it’s hard for visitors to know where to direct their attention.

Tip #3: Incorporate Interactive Elements into the Space

Experiential marketing is an increasingly common marketing tactic in the trade show industry. It involves creating memorable connections with visitors in order to generate excitement and influence purchase decisions. Your exhibition design should give prospects a chance to really experience your products in an unintimidating way. If they have fun while they’re at it, all the better.

Try incorporating interactive elements within your booth, everything from product samples to multiple interactive LED video walls. One surefire attention getter is beMatrix LEDskin. The next generation of video screen technology, LEDskin is turning booths into large-scale, high-definition video screens that can turn heads and draw people in from all the way across the room.

Make Your Exhibition Design Stand Out

An effective exhibition design is key to your ability to achieve your trade show goals. Choose an audiovisual production partner that has strategic insights into how to make trade show booths stand out.

TST proudly supports more than 3,500 events for our valued clients each year, and we regularly collaborate with our clients to create custom trade show displays and experiences to meet their goals. We can provide exhibition design support that encourages visitors to keep talking about your booth and your offerings long after the trade show ends.

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