TST’s AV Internship Program

TST's AV Internship Program

TST hired four interns from Southeast Career Technical Academy as apprentice shop assistants. We’re thrilled to have them on board!

Are you considered the tech support division for your family? Do you love saving the day during the latest tech crisis? Are you a team player who takes direction and gets the job done right whatever it takes? These are just a few of the questions Total Show Technology (TST) recently asked candidates during their AV internship interviews.

As part of TST’s new AV internship program, TST interviewed and hired four paid interns to work as apprentice shop assistants. Anaomi Rojas, Savannah Escalante, Brandon Gonzalez, and Oscar Garcia are working part time at TST. They’re learning the basics of audiovisual systems and checking out gear, and in the future they’ll be putting their AutoCAD drawing and modeling skills to good use. These tech-savvy, highly self-motivated individuals are already contributing to our success in serving our clients.

Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Check out, clean, and perform routine maintenance on all equipment.
  • Check out, clean, and inventory drape to prepare orders and maintain quality control.
  • Check out, clean, repair, and maintain cable to ensure proper operating status.
  • Pull and stage orders, clean trucks, and organize/restock road boxes to provide maximum efficiency for delivery.
  • Develop and maintain excellent relationships with clients and coworkers, encouraging good communication and teamwork.

TST’s AV Internship Program

To launch this AV internship program, TST partnered with the Southeast Career Technical Academy (SECTA), a vocational high school in Las Vegas. SECTA’s impressive program offers such areas of study as manufacturing automation, cyber security, computer design, and architecture.

To determine that TST’s new interns would be a good fit for the company (and that the company would be a good fit for them), all four candidates completed Ministry Insights “Leading From Your Strengths Profiles” (similar to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessments). The aim of the assessments is to discover each candidate’s strengths and help them lead from their strengths. TST draws upon the results of the assessments to strengthen individuals, teams, and the entire company.

We’re Building Our Future Team from the Ground Up!

TST is really excited about this AV internship program, and we think these internships are going to work out extremely well. They will expedite our efforts in checking out gear and position TST for the company’s big crunch time this winter, and they’ll gain a great opportunity to learn about the audiovisual production industry while working at a company that puts people first. And when they graduate from high school, our interns may be able to join TST’s team full time.

In addition, TST president, Rick Pollock, is on the board of directors of Valley High School, which offers a hospitality internship. As part of this AV internship, students shadow someone at TST for a day. Valley High School internships are yet another avenue for finding sharp, alert new talent.

We at TST are excited and proud to be building our future team from the ground up!


The Southeast Career Technical Academy is a magnet public high school in Las Vegas, Nevada, and part of the Clark County School District. A school for the best and brightest, SECTA prides themselves on being the first Career and Technical Education (CTE) school in Las Vegas and one of the first schools to truly prepare students for the 21st century jobs of the future.

As a four-year comprehensive career technical high school, SECTA offers Clark County students the chance to participate in career technical training programs. Their course of study consists of career technical instruction as well as academic classes that meet college and district requirements. Students can earn both a technical certificate and a high school diploma.

Established in 1966, SECTA offers multiple career technical programs, a variety of academic courses, and student activities that can satisfy the needs of young persons seeking additional choices outside the regular high school curriculum. Due to SECTA’s success, the school’s career technical learning environment has gained a strong reputation throughout the state. Majors include automotive service technology, animation and digital game development, sports medicine, photography, graphic design, construction technology, IT-networking, and architectural engineering and design.

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