Advanced Event Technology: 2021 and Beyond

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Advanced event technology enables attendees see the events through new eyes and keep them thinking long after those events end.

Attendee expectations grow bigger and bolder with each passing year. Gone are the days when event planners could simply rehash old events, “rebranding” this year’s event with a new theme or color scheme and swapping in a few new presenters. To be fair, landing the right presenters is key to drawing the right attendees, as is choosing an appealing event location and venue that garner excitement.

More than anything else, however, event experiences that capture interest from the word “go” require advanced event technology that keeps attendees riveted, as well as keeps them thinking long after those events end.

Event Technology – the Good, the Bad, and the Overpriced

Many planners recognize that today’s attendees are demanding a real event experience, something worthy of their limited time, attention, and dollars. For some, there’s a disconnect between wanting to integrate innovative event technology into conferences and trade shows and knowing what event technology options are available.

Some planners understandably have trouble differentiating between smart, cost-effective event technology solutions aimed at achieving targeted goals and expensive gear that sounds good on paper but in practice doesn’t deliver.

Which event technology options will improve the experience for attendees? Which will help you tell your story in the clearest and most compelling way possible? Which will bring the best bang for the buck?

Event Technology Solutions That Make a Big Impact

Before you invest in the next latest and greatest event technology, make sure you can answer these questions. To get you started, I’ll share some ideas below.

Data Collection and Analysis

Planners can implement relatively inexpensive event technology tools such as attendee polling, custom smartphone apps, RFID tracking, and detailed attendee post-session and post-event surveys to gather valuable data. Planners can then analyze the data to identify attendee interests, strong likes and dislikes, and trends, as well as use this data to determine the direction of future events.

LED Video Walls

The size and type of video screen technology used to capture attendee attention will continue to have a huge impact on events. As one example, the modular beMatrix LEDskin system offers endless possibilities for shapes and configurations in conference LED walls and trade show booths. LEDskin tiles offer many creative possibilities, including wraparound inner and outer LED corners and a full, 360-degree video wall configuration.

The beMatrix LEDskin is the next generation in LED video screen technology and the go-to system for building LED walls quickly, easily, and with minimal footprint.

Social Media

Conferences and trade shows are staying relevant by using online content and social media tools to promote content, showcase connections, and broadcast live video. In 2021 more than ever, the event industry will harness the power of online communities to secure and even boost attendance.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and similar innovative technologies can be used to tell a richer story – so long as they’re integrated into conferences and trade shows in a thoughtful way. For example, instead of spending money on a stage and a sound reinforcement system, some planners are using VR headsets to produce a more visually impactful experience that gives attendees a window into different worlds.

Advanced Event Technology + the Right AV Production Partner

While planners don’t necessarily have to be tech evangelists, they should choose an audiovisual production partner that understands the event technology landscape and knows what’s worth your investment – and what isn’t. More than ever it’s important for that partner to weigh in on what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Your partner can help you build an Intelligent AV Design tailor-made for your needs and determine where to focus your budget most efficiently and effectively (e.g., video, audio, lighting, staging). If you’re worried that your AV production budget will limit your technology options, talk to your production partner. They may be able to find creative workarounds and help you make the hard decisions.

In 2021 and beyond, planners will be working with their AV production partner to pinpoint their event technology requirements. With the help of a trusted partner, planners can rest assured that they won’t over- or under-spec their shows while making sound event technology decisions that gives attendees engaging experiences that truly stand out.

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