Don’t Choose a Vendor – Choose a Vegas Event Partner

Don't Choose a Vendor - Choose a Vegas Event Partner - Steelhead Productions - Total Show Technology

Total Show Technology provides exceptional audio, video, lighting, and staging service for every show. We’re our clients’ Vegas event partner.

This Is What Event Peace of Mind Looks Like

Amy Cimpan is the Client Service Manager at Steelhead Productions, a custom exhibit house headquarters in Las Vegas. The company focuses on providing high-end custom rental solutions to companies that value trade shows and rely on them to grow their businesses. They work with Adobe, Case, Microchip, Rambus, and Mentor Graphics, as well as many other high-profile organizations.

Here’s what Amy has to say about TST:

“When I started with Steelhead over 7 years ago, we were already working with TST. It was a natural fit. We don’t consider them our vendor but our partner.

What we love about TST is that they’re very accessible to us. They answer their calls. We rely on TST to help us with our clients’ issues as well. It’s nice to know that we have a partner we can call and help our clients walk through issues that they’re having. Anytime we’ve ever had any issues during a show, after hours, you can call them and they’re there for us.

They’re a great partner to work with and they have a large variety of equipment and services. We would definitely recommend TST.”

We Want to Be Your Vegas Event Partner

TST strives to serve every single client the way we have served Steelhead Productions.

We’re the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces meetings, events, and trade shows. Our total show production capabilities include audiovisual design, installation, and live staffing and operation. Our services include video, audio, lighting, rigging, staging, computer services, labor sourcing, and equipment rentals.

In the fast-paced, rapidly changing event industry, what you know and who you know are everything. We know Las Vegas and the Pacific Southwest. We know all the venues inside and out. We know how to navigate challenges because we have the loyal network and connections that open the right doors when it matters most.

In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

Reach out for a free consultation or to simply say “hello.” We look forward to reconnecting, and, as always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 702-897-8508 |

Vegas Event Partner - Total Show Technology

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