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AVIXA Training - Total Show Technology

Want your conference, trade show, or nightclub live event to go like clockwork? Work with technicians who have AVIXA training.

Many members of our team started their careers as (or changed careers to become) a Shop Assistant. Now, Shop Assistants often come in knowing little to nothing about audiovisual technology. Good candidates join our team because they have a desire to learn, a willingness to work under constant time pressures, and the ability to bring order to chaos. And within 5 years, these same team members become Audiovisual Technicians and earn the equivalent of an MBA degree in audiovisual service and support through the many continuing education opportunities TST offers.

One key to their success is our in-house training program. Another key is AVIXA training.

Employees enter TST’s training program on their first day of full-time employment, and they advance through the program by taking a variety of courses, quick check evaluations, and tests. Our goal is to provide a program for growth and advancement within TST and the AV industry, as well as to promote technical knowledge and operating proficiency of AV equipment, procedures, and best practices. Our clients expect nothing less.

The Benefits of AVIXA CTS Certification

The best AV providers employ technicians who possess or are in the process of earning Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) certification through InfoComm/AVIXA. For more than 30 years, AVIXA has administered the CTS program, which is recognized worldwide as the leading AV professional credential. AVIXA certifies more qualified AV professionals than anyone else in the industry. CTS certification is recognized for its credibility and integrity, and certification shows a company’s commitment to being the best in the AV production field.

AVIXA training includes the following:

  • Traditional classroom courses, where attendees experience interactive, hands-on learning in an instructor-led classroom setting.
  • Online courses, which are self-paced courses taken online.
  • Virtual classroom courses, which are online courses that combine real-time and self-paced study.

Below, I’ll highlight many of the AVIXA courses TST team members have taken in order to earn their AV “MBAs.”

AVIXA General Courses

General AVIXA courses include the following:

  • Quick Start to the AV Industry – learn the basics of audiovisual systems and special applications.
  • Essentials of AV Technology – gain a comprehensive introduction to light and sound and the science and technology of AV in order to create integrated experiences.
  • AV Math – develop mathematical proficiency using common AV system calculations; practice scale drawing conversions; explore viewing parameters such as aspect ratio, image height, and projector throw distance; learn about loudspeaker impedance and decibels; and estimate heat load calculations.
  • Networking Technology – learn the basics of design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, and management of networked AV systems, as well as identify network security threats and countermeasures.
  • CTS Prep – prepare for the CTS exam by reviewing how to create, operate, and service AV solutions.

AVIXA Installer Courses

AVIXA installer courses include the following:

  • Installation Skills Credentials – learn to pull cable, terminate cable, and mount equipment.
  • System Fabrication – learn to properly install audio systems and video systems, as well as perform site surveys, build equipment racks, and work with fiber optic, SDI, and HDMI connections.
  • Setup and Verification – learn to test, configure, and troubleshoot audio systems, video systems, control panels, and system networking.

AVIXA Designer Courses

AVIXA designer courses include the following:

  • AV Math for Design – gain proficiency in common AV calculations used during audiovisual design, as well as review parameters like distance, image size, and projection considerations.
  • Design Environment – learn about the project phases and documentation associated with AV system design; learn how to document and translate a client’s needs into actionable project drawings throughout each project phase; and explore human-centered design factors to help place attendees in a space.
  • Design Infrastructure – learn how a building’s physical structure can affect AV design; evaluate structural and mechanical considerations based on AV system requirements; produce electrical specifications for safety and signal integrity; and recommend video, audio, and lighting for the space.
  • Applied Design – focus on the inter-device communication aspects of system design, determine digital audio and video signal bandwidth requirements, recommend video signal types based on their capabilities and limitations, route audiovisual systems on a network, and prepare a security plan for AV systems.

AVIXA Technology Courses

AVIXA technology courses include the following:

  • Networked AV Systems – learn about client needs for networked systems; intercept, filter, and network conversations between AV and IT devices; and learn about streaming, digital signage, conferencing, security, service level agreements, remote monitoring and management, and other software applications.
  • Digital Signage for Technology Managers – learn the fundamentals of digital signage, review best practices for audience engagement, and turn digital signage into a powerful and affordable tool.

AVIXA Project Management Courses

AVIXA project management courses include the following:

  • Project Management for AV – learn to plan, execute, and complete an AV project successfully; define and understand typical event lifecycles and project stakeholders; identify and analyze project metrics; and create work breakdown structures describing project deliverables.
  • How to Effectively Manage AV Staff – explore best practices to train new staff and help them deliver solutions to your customers, create standard operating procedures that allow staff to use AV/IT resources effectively, and develop orientation tools and procedures to efficiently onboard new staff.
  • Project Management for Live Events – explore field-tested project management principles, understand stakeholder relationships, perform site surveys, establish a governance structure, fine-tune your production schedule, assess risk, and work with labor groups.
  • Staging and Events Management – learn how to use project management tools to manage the diverse parts of event production and reduce problems onsite; manage show departments, clients, and venues; and analyze an infrastructure, including power, rigging, and labor.
  • Event Setup for AV Techs – explore best practices for setting up and creating memorable AV experiences for clients, practice connecting equipment in proper sequence using interactive media, explore pipe and drape installation and folding screen setup, and learn to troubleshoot common problems.

The Best AV Service and Support in the Industry

At TST, we believe that if our staff are happy, engaged, and challenged each and every day, the stage is set for ongoing collaboration and growth. Our staff join TST, grow in their jobs, and gain continual opportunities they wouldn’t have anywhere else. They also stick around for an average of eight years (unheard of in the industry) because they know we want them to be at the top of their game and because we have their best interests at heart.

Reach Out for Event Production Resources

TST is the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces meetings, events, and trade shows. Our total show production capabilities include audiovisual design, installation, and live staffing and operation. Our services include video, audio, lighting, rigging, staging, computer services, labor sourcing, and equipment rentals.

In the fast-paced, rapidly changing event industry, what you know and who you know are everything. We know Las Vegas and the Pacific Southwest. We know all the venues inside and out. We know how to navigate challenges because we have the loyal network and connections that open the right doors when it matters most.

In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

Reach out for a free consultation or to simply say “hello.” We look forward to reconnecting, and, as always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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