Vegas AV Solutions: What Our Clients Have to Say About TST

Vegas AV Solutions: What Our Clients Have to Say About TST

Imagine your presentation is about to start, but your Vegas AV company is MIA. Don’t panic — instead, call TST.

Jim Dial, an account manager with a pharmaceutical company, recently hosted an important client presentation at a restaurant in Las Vegas. By 5:30 pm, his audiovisual (AV) company still hadn’t delivered the projector and screen he had ordered. To make matters worse, that same Vegas AV company wasn’t answering the phone or returning his messages.

Jim is from Folsom, California, so he’s not too familiar with Las Vegas AV production companies and their offerings. Jim searched online and found Total Show Technology (TST). A little after 5:30, I took his panicked call. Jim explained that the Vegas AV company he had hired hadn’t shown up and he couldn’t figure out how to get a hold of them. TST committed to providing quick-turnaround support to save the day. Mobilizing quickly, we delivered and set up an Insta-Theater portable projection screen and a short-throw projector within 45 minutes. As a result, Jim started his client presentation on time.

TST’s Yelp Review

In response, Jim left the following Yelp review:

TST saved me, BIG TIME! I am from out of town and had a business dinner presentation planned with a video projector and screen contracted ahead of time with another company. The other company was a no-show. I called TST in a panic at 5:30pm and let them know the situation. They had a projector and screen set up for me at the venue within 45 minutes. AMAZING!!! So professional all the way through the process too. No price gouging because I was desperate, last minute, or after hours. Just great service. Thanks guys!!!

Jim also sent the following kind email to me:

We are so grateful to you and your team. I thought we were doomed to have a dinner presentation with no video. You stepped up in a big way for us last night. Thanks so much!!!

Vegas AV Service and Solutions

When you work with TST, expect service, collaboration, consistency, and no surprises. In an industry where overpromise and under-deliver are the norm, TST walks the talk.

Our clients have relied on us to deliver audio, video, lighting, equipment rental, and show production for conventions, corporate meetings and events, and trade shows since 1996. Your account manager will manage the entire production process, including booking the labor, requisitioning equipment, and coordinating freight and travel. While you will have one dedicated point of contact, our entire company will answer to you.

Your Vegas AV event production team will show up on time and make sure all equipment is up and running. They are empowered to make decisions and solve problems on show site. You will be able to rely on them as your behind-the-scenes solution that makes headaches disappear and always makes you look good.

Commitment means that a responsive team takes ownership of your event – no matter how big or how small – from start to finish. While our clients know we prefer methodical, step-by-step planning to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, we always provide rapid service to ensure our clients’ shows go off without a hitch. That means that if you need something, you can simply pick up the phone and we’ll make it happen.

Your reputation matters. Our reputation matters. Your interests are our interests – as our long-term client relationships and 23-year reputation in Vegas attest, we’ve got your back.

Jason Hinck

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