LEDskin: Reinventing Stand Building Systems

LEDskin: Reinventing Stand Building Systems

Learn why the revolutionary, customizable beMatrix LEDskin is being called the technology of tomorrow for the exhibition stand of today.

LEDskin® is a game-changing product in the field of stand building. LEDskin was developed to be used indoors and custom-made to be integrated in the existing beMatrix b62 frame system. beMatrix is the original frame system for stand buildings and events. And in response to client demand, TST has invested in LEDskin for our clients’ use at conferences, conventions, trade shows, and exhibit houses!

Here’s why this revolutionary LEDskin product will captivate your attendees and visitors:

Easy and Fast Building. LEDskin cabinets can be mounted and dismantled easily in the BeMatrix b62 frame system by using manual M8 connectors. The LEDskin cabinets are automatically aligned using built-in magnets. The quick-lock system keeps all the cabinets in place.

Clean, Finished Look. All the beMatrix cover solutions can be used to create the clean, finished look of the LEDskin walls. You can also hide all the electric cables by using textiles and panels to cover the rear.

Keep the Body, Change the Skin. The same product can be used in unlimited designs. beMatrix is the only system to build not only walls but also corners, curves, ceilings, and floors. It’s a 360° solution.

Easy Maintenance Tool. The Gekko is a special tool developed by beMatrix to easily uninstall and replace a magnetic LED module. The GEKKO enables you to replace the LED modules at the front with ease. The control unit at the back also dismantles quickly due to two manual locks.

Revolutionary Design

The evolution to real seamless solutions is an important development for the stand building world. By combining aluminum frames with panels or textiles in an innovative way, beMatrix bridges the gap between traditional wood construction and prefabrication.

As beMatrix fixes panels, textiles, or alternative infills onto their frames instead of between structures, their structure is practically invisible, leaving more space for graphics and giving it a clean design look.

Reusable Design

The beMatrix system is fast and easy to use, and it has a long lifecycle. As the structure is not seen, damages and scratches don’t shorten the lifecycle of the system, and you can constantly reuse the same frames. And their aluminum frames are 100% recyclable, so waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Attract Attention at Your Next Event with LEDskin

beMatrix LEDskin combines modularity with a custom-build look. The same frame is suitable for both panels and textile.

The beMatrix system offers rapid build and assembly, which saves time and labor. It’s the strongest, most ergonomic, most lightweight, and only tool-less system in the market, resulting in lower labor costs. If you need big video walls and an exceptional LED visual impact, this is your solution.

Ready to make your next event a showstopper? Reach out to learn how you can with TST to integrate LEDskin into your next event!

Why Total Show Technology?

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