How to Choose Pixel Pitch: 3 Key Considerations

How to Choose Pixel Pitch: 3 Key Considerations

Here are 3 considerations to help you make the best LED wall decisions for your meetings, events, and trade shows.

High-resolution LED walls with tight pixel pitch are an increasingly popular option at conferences and trade shows. These days, some organizations want a 2.6mm screen or a 1.8mm screen with the idea that the tighter the pixel pitch, the better the viewing experience. However, evaluating the many options available is challenging, which is why it’s difficult to make an informed buying decision when it comes time to choose pixel pitch. In some cases, organizations are making a larger investment than necessary.

One reason the decision is such a tough one is that all LED walls may look pixelated under some circumstances and high definition in others. Let’s examine why this is – and review 3 key considerations that will help you make the best LED wall investment decisions for your shows.

What Is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch refers to the distance in millimeters between pixels. Pixel pitch is measured from the center of one pixel to the center of the next pixel. The lower the pixel pitch, the more pixels per LED panel. For example, a screen with a pixel pitch of 1.8mm produces a higher quality image than a screen with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, which in turn produces a higher quality image than a screen with a pixel pitch of 5.9mm.

One argument I often hear is that 3.9mm walls look pixelated whereas 2.6mm walls do not. The truth is that you can still see the pixels in a 2.6mm wall. All LED walls can look crystal clear from some angles and low-resolution from others because LEDs are made up of pixels – without pixels there would be no image in the first place. In other words, no matter the pixel pitch, your images may look pixelated at times.

So how do you choose pixel pitch? Should you always go for the highest definition screen?

Pixel Pitch Considerations

Here are 3 key considerations when you are ready to choose pixel pitch:

  1. What’s the viewing distance? Are you trying to attract people from 20-40 feet away, or do you need to capture attention from only 5-10 feet away? In a general session, the viewing distance may be 20-40 feet, and a 5.9mm screen may be sufficient. If the viewing distance is only 5-10 feet, however, a 2.6mm might make sense.
  2. What kind of content are you showcasing? If your main stage content isn’t 4K or 8K, you may not need a 1.8mm or 2.6mm screen. In fact, content that looks pixelated on a lower resolution screen is often the result of the viewing angle or the content quality. Poorly designed content can look bad on a 2.6mm screen, while well-designed content can look amazing on a 3.9mm screen.
  3. What’s your budget? A 2.6mm screen is more expensive than a 3.9mm screen. Tighter pixel pitch can also drive other costs, such as processing and specialized equipment you might not need with a lower resolution wall. An investment in tighter pixel pitch may make sense when you have a closer viewing distance, a very large wall, or 4K content shown on a smaller wall.

Work with Your AV Production Partner

With so many options available, it’s hard to know which LED products will best serve your needs. When you’re ready to choose pixel pitch, work with your AV production partner to pinpoint your LED wall requirements. Together, you can ensure you don’t over- or under-spec your shows while also giving event attendees an engaging experience that truly stands out.

In addition, if you’re looking for pixel/LED repair, reach out. We can take care of your pixel/LED repair needs. We can repair pixel pixels from 0.2 mm to 10 mm and up, and we’re known for providing rapid service.

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