Projection Technology Best Practices

Projection Technology Best Practices

Follow these projection technology best practices to get the best possible AV solution for your next keynote or general session.

While high-tech video walls are becoming more popular, most of today’s conference keynotes and general sessions still run on projection technology. The reason is simple: Projectors provide the largest display at the least cost. With that thought in mind, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right equipment, that your projection is sized and placed correctly, and that you get the best results within your budget.

At your next conference or event, be sure to follow the projection technology best practices below. 

Determine the Appropriate Brightness and Ambient Light Levels

How large a screen do you need, and where the does that screen need to be located? As a general rule, if you need images that are 20-30-feet wide and you won’t be using a high-tech LED video wall, you’ll likely be looking to projection.

Make sure the ambient light level is as low as possible for better visibility of your projected images. If you don’t know the right brightness and ambient light level, talk to your AV partner. Notes about your results from previous events will enable your AV partner to help you decide what you should do.

Choose the Right Gear

Be sure to choose the correct projector and correct screen size. People tend to choose too large a screen or too small a projector (or both). If you choose a screen that’s too small, attendees will have trouble viewing text and images on the screen. If your projector is too dim on a screen that’s too large, attendees will have a hard time seeing much of anything on the screen.

Also consider the brand. Total Show Technology uses DPI, Barco, Optima, and EIki projectors. We often recommend our DPI Titan Quad projectors. First, they’re bright (20,000 lumens). Second, they have a nice selection of lenses, and they can allow you to make a 20-foot-wide image from 14 feet away. Third, they have four lamps inside, so if one lamp fails you likely won’t even notice.

Consider Two Smaller Projectors Instead of One Larger Projector

There’s a tipping point past 12,000 lumens in brightness. Above that level, projectors use different technologies, and the price goes up fast. Using two 10,000-lumen projectors can cost less than using a single 20,000 projector. The good news: You also have a redundant backup in case one projector breaks down.

Use Well-Maintained Equipment

Over time, lamps wear down, affecting brightness. Filters need changing to keep projectors running cool and images looking good. And many teams only test the functionality of the projector itself. One of the best project technology best practices involves ensuring that your AV production company is maintaining their projection gear. Be sure to test each input to make sure all the pieces and parts work together.

Choose Your Team Wisely

AV technicians are the “make or break” point for projectors, so ask your AV production provider about their team’s training, education, and experience. It’s not enough to simply size and place the projection correctly for multiple sizes and types of screens. It’s important to also color match the projectors. Without color matching, red colors on one screen might pop and make an impact, while reds on another screen might look muted and barely visible, creating an unbalanced effect.

Projection Technology Best Practices for Your Next Show

An AV production partner that listens to your needs, uses high-quality projectors, and hires service-oriented technicians will bring you the best possible results for your event or show production. Make the most of these projection technology best practices to ensure you’re using the right equipment, that your projection is sized and placed correctly, and that you get a cost-effective solution that brings you the results you seek.

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