5 AV Trends to Consider in 2018

5 AV Trends to Consider in 2018

Technology evolves rapidly, and trying to keep up with the latest trends will keep your head spinning. But when it comes to planning a meeting or event, implementing new AV technology can transform it from average to awesome.

So how can you step up your game in 2018? Here are some AV trends to give your event that “wow” factor.

LED Walls: Once used exclusively for outdoor video display, LED walls have been indoor-ready for several years, making tighter spaces bigger and bolder. The technology offers several advantages over traditional projection displays, including better flexibility, brightness, and image quality. LED walls give you more flexibility in your event design because they can be assembled in unique sizes and shapes and take less total floor area than video projection.

Augment Your Reality: While there’s been a lot of buzz around virtual reality (VR) in recent years, augmented reality (AR) is an emerging trend in the event market. VR immerses users in a simulated environment, but AR allows you to see something virtual in the real world (e.g. Pokémon Go). In a small scale, mobile applications can create cool experiences for your attendees to entertain and educate. In a large scale, the audience sees a hologram of an object or person. Presenters can interact with holographic images in a dynamic way that just cannot be done in real life. AR also transforms how you can present products, as it can display the intricacies in 3D.

Toss Out the Old Q&A: Audience interaction is important for conferences. But what’s the worst part of Q&A sessions? Attendees who want to ask anonymously by text, others that are too shy to be the first to ask a question and audiences too large to make the traditional Q&A model of having a staffer run around the room with a mic impractical.

Applications such as Crowd Mics make texting Q&A easier and turn every attendee’s phone into its own microphone, and products like Catchbox make Q&A more entertaining. Catchbox is a wireless microphone contained in a padded cube that can be passed or, better yet, tossed around the room. It speeds up Q&A because you don’t have to wait to pass the mic and it boosts audience engagement because who doesn’t want to throw around the mic? The audio is reliable, and there’s no more worries about dropping the mic.

Get Unconventional: Let’s face it—hotel ballrooms can be boring. That’s why many meeting planners are starting to get unconventional with their conventions and use non-traditional venues. Industrial spaces, converted warehouses and lofts are in vogue venues for events. These spaces add unique design elements, such as exposed brick, piping and machinery that add architectural appeal. Your AV partner can help accentuate the features of the space with unique video projection, displays, set-pieces and lighting to enhance the impact of a distinctive venue.

Think Outside the Box: You may hold an event in the same space as a previous year, but subtle changes, such as the size and shape of display screens or the addition of other decorative elements, can give it a fresh look. Ditch the rectangular screen, and enchant your attendees with vertical screens, or circles, or any other shape you like. This small change can even make small spaces stand out.

As you plan your meetings and events for 2018, bring your AV partner in early in the process to help you brainstorm new ideas and ways you can implement these trends to enhance the audience experience and make your meeting more memorable.

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