Trade Show LED Displays

LED Cubes are immersive trade show LED displays that are ideal for trade shows, conferences, nightclub events, and gala events.

By now, you may have seen Total Show Technology’s LED Cubes at Las Vegas trade shows or other events. The fact is, they’re hard to miss. LED Cubes are three separate, state-of-the-art, immersive LED video walls that function as self-contained units, creating an immersive LED video wall experience.

LED Cubes are ideal for trade show booths. They’re also great for conferences, nightclub live events, and big celebrations such as weddings. Event attendees love these state-of-the-art multimedia experiences.

LED Cubes can have three different image sources, one for each wall. Or they can have one seamless, three-sided video wall full of animation, video images, and moving graphic elements. Streaming content can even be changed from hour to hour. LED Cubes work equally well in spaces with bright light and low light.

LED Cubes can capture attention across the trade show floor or at an event in dramatic new ways. Trust us, people will be talking. As an alternative, you can use one at your next conference or nightclub live event to capture attention or as the most exciting photo booth your event attendees have ever seen (using our partner eObjx).

Real-time Event Entertainment from eObjx

Coupled with great content, LED Cubes are a revolutionary new solution that optimizes LED technology in an immersive — and affordable — way.

You can even go one step further and make your event truly interactive with realtime entertainment created during your event from our partner eObjx. eObjx’s AI continuously creates new experiences of images, animations, and videos autonomously — no more boring loops and repeats. Let your attendees or guests enjoy the magic of adding their content to yours and seeing it live on the video walls. LED Cubes will bring your event to life, and they’ll be an experience attendees will long remember!

Try Immersive Trade Show LED Displays

For trade shows and conventions, LED Cubes are a surefire way to pique curiosity, entertain and delight, and make sure your display stands out. If you need an exceptional LED visual impact and a “wow” factor, an Immersive LED Cube from Total Show Technology is the right solution for you.

Reach out to the team at Total Show Technology to talk about your event goals. The best part – this state-of-the-art LED experience is affordable enough that you can (and should!) start using it right away.

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