Trade Show WiFi Rental: Your Vegas Solution

Total Show Technology - Trade Show WiFi Rental - Our Vegas Solution

Our Las Vegas trade show wifi rental solution for trade show exhibitors is secure, effective, and, best of all, affordable.

Many venues and trade show floors offer free internet connectivity in the lobby and registration areas. The connection speed of this complimentary wifi is usually fine when exhibitors are taking a break from the booth and checking email. However, the limited access area and low bandwidth offered make free wifi solutions unworkable for many exhibitors who have greater in-booth internet and data needs.

Venues offer access to reliable, high-speed wireless internet on the trade show floor, but it almost always comes at an extremely high price. A basic connection that’s not much better than the free option can cost anywhere from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The greater the bandwidth requirements, the higher the price.

An Affordable Venue Wifi and Data Alternative

Total Show Technology has an internet package that trade show booth designers, producers, exhibitors, and meeting planners use to achieve the connectivity and bandwidth they need at conferences and on the trade show floor at an affordable price. The price you’ll pay for this fast, flexible network is usually many times lower than that charged by the venue for lower bandwidth and slower connection speeds than what we offer.

Essentially, we will set up a mobile connectivity “cloud” available to multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices. You’ll get the bandwidth you need. Best of all, you can achieve a download speed of 100 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mbps at a fraction of the cost most venues charge.

Simply tell us your event details, including event location, event dates, number of vendors, and desired coverage area. From there, we’ll show you how much you’ll save when you choose our solution.

Our wireless offering provides the secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity solutions you need, wherever you need it — at conferences or on trade show floor. Our wifi and data solution will give you the data speeds and connectivity tools you need on the trade show floor and at remote venues.

Let’s Discuss Your Trade Show WiFi Rental Needs

TST is the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces trade shows, conferences, and nightclub live events. Our services include video, audio, lighting, staging, labor, laptop rentals, and gear rentals.

In the events industry, what you know and who you know are everything. We know the Pacific Southwest, Las Vegas, and all the venues inside and out. In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

Reach out to learn about our affordable Las Vegas trade show wifi rental solution — and about how we can make your next conference or trade show booth capture and keep the attention of attendees.

Rick Pollock