Expert Trade Show Exhibit Support

Expert Trade Show Exhibit Support

Expert trade show exhibit support is more important than ever as today’s attendees expect immersive and memorable trade show experiences.

The continued movement toward creating more memorable trade show experiences means that the teams designing those experiences have to take on many roles and responsibilities than ever before. Today, trade show, exhibit, and other event professionals are designers and strategists who strive to make the most of every interaction with existing and prospective customers.

Shift from Tactical to Strategic Exhibit Planning

In order to make sure a trade show exhibit isn’t lost in a sea of exhibits and booths, it’s important to start the planning process with the goals. Expert strategists know that they have to tap into what attendees want and need and ask and answer the right questions from the outset.

If exhibitors want to stand a chance at engaging with attendees for more than a few seconds, exhibitors have to immediately make it clear to those attendees what’s in it for them. By considering attendee needs, teams can design an intentional experience that stands a greater chance of capturing — and keeping — their attention.

Trade Show Exhibit Support

Trade show exhibit support can include strategic planning and collaboration, trade show exhibit design, technology (audio, video, lighting, and computer) selection and implementation, exhibit fabrication, and trade show labor management.

On a final note, the past year has forever changed the event industry. A strategic partnership with an expert trade show exhibit AV provider can better enable exhibitors to anticipate needs and understand how to rapidly implement industry best practices.

With almost daily changes in the business climate, for example, many trade shows and trade show exhibitors need to make last-minute changes in order to address social distancing concerns or manage budgets. Trade show and event organizers must consider how the pandemic has impacted in-person events and continually align their approach with government mandates, industry trends, and attendee expectations. Trade show exhibit support can also involve helping exhibitors accommodate shifting demands.

Let’s Make Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Simply Amazing!

TST is the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces trade shows, conferences, and nightclub live events. Our production capabilities include audiovisual design, installation, and staffing and operation. Our services include video, audio, lighting, rigging, staging, computer services, labor sourcing, and gear rentals.

In the rapidly changing event industry, what you know and who you know are everything. We know Las Vegas and the Pacific Southwest. We know all the venues inside and out. We have the loyal network that opens the right doors when it matters most. In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right.

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