Why You Should Hire an Outside AV Provider

Why You Should Hire an Outside AV Provider - TST

The many benefits of working with an outside AV provider vs. an in-house AV crew include credibility, collaboration, and consistency.

An Outside AV Provider vs. an In-House Crew

An in-house AV provider may or may not give you a competitive bid, choose the right video and audio technology for your event needs, and give you the best service possible. When you use in-house AV, you’ll work with a totally new crew with totally new equipment on each and every show. The venue may say their in-house crew and gear are top-notch, but you won’t know for sure. Consistently choosing the same AV provider can bring peace of mind.

Using an outside AV provider tends to be a budget-conscious decision because you won’t be hit with unexpected expenses, fees, and upcharges. A strategically chosen outside AV provider will learn your event needs inside and out, take care of all of the technical details of your event, and stick with you through thick and thin.

For example, say you host an annual symposium every December. As December nears, your outside AV provider may call you to ensure they block out your event dates. Along those lines, your AV provider will be ready to prevent any issues that may have arisen at your last symposium. Their job is to make your job – and your life – easier and ensure your event engages and entertains your attendees.

Find an Outside AV Provider That You Trust

When you find an outside AV provider that you trust, it’s good practice to continue to hire them to support all of your events. The right AV provider will be willing and able to travel with you anywhere across the country.

By using the same company again and again, you’ll begin to build a relationship with that company and its people. You will each learn the distinctive ways in which you operate and build a solid foundation of understanding and trust. The more you work with the same AV provider, the more you’ll come to depend on them. Their professional efforts will free you up to focus on other aspects of your event.

When you consistently choose the same AV provider, you become a priority to that AV provider. While a good AV provider works diligently for all of their clients, they will come to understand, prioritize, and predict your needs when you become a frequent and dependable client.

Soon you won’t have to wonder if your outside AV provider is doing a good job—you’ll know they are.

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