Las Vegas Trade Shows Are Back, So Let’s Get Started!

Las Vegas Trade Shows Are Back - Total Show Technology

Now that Las Vegas trade shows are back, make sure your audiovisual partner knows your chosen venue inside and out.

We’ve all become so accustomed to Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings that, for some, it’s hard to imagine attending in-person events again. However, in-person interaction offers the human connection we’ve been missing for almost a year and a half. Listening to keynote speakers, networking remotely, and trying to tap into the trade show experience through a computer screen are frustrating experiences to say the least. Face to face meetings are more important now than ever.

Trade Shows Are Back … Finally!

There’s been a demand to hold in-person events in order to take full advantage of sales and networking opportunities. Trade shows and consumer events in Las Vegas have picked up over the last couple months, and several big concerts and nightclub live events are continuing into the fall and winter.

The $11 billion trade show and exhibition industry is still poised for a full comeback in Las Vegas. Officials with the Las Vegas Convention Center have stated that no upcoming shows have been cancelled and that events are adhering to a Nevada mask mandate that went into effect on July 30, 2021. Event organizers are putting COVID-19 protocols in place to safely host events on every scale.

Some of the biggest shows are planning to resume in person. For example, CES, the world’s largest tech show, went virtual in 2021 but plans to return with a hybrid option in Las Vegas in January 2022. (Hybrid events are in-person events with a virtual option.)

Now That Las Vegas Trade Shows Are Back, Flexibility and Contingency Planning Key

As the industry slowly comes back to life, trade show and event organizers, along with companies and vendors that rent booths, face many questions. For example,

  • Are attendees ready to enter expo halls again?
  • How quickly can shows come back on the calendar, especially since many shows take months to plan?
  • What if the current climate shifts and event organizers need to shift their plans rapidly?

We all want life to get back to normal – or at least a new normal. Attending events and trade shows is a stepping stone to leaving the pandemic behind us.

Now that trade shows are back, event organizers and attendees are starting to embrace that new normal. To make the reentry into live events successful for both you and your attendees, make sure you choose an audiovisual partner that knows Las Vegas – and all of the city’s venues and vendors – inside and out.

Flexibility, contingency planning, and event production expertise are critical to the success of your next 2021 or 2022 trade show.

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