The Best Audio Visual Design Team in Vegas

The Best Audio Visual Design Team in Vegas

Intelligent audio visual design involves collaborative discussions and smart planning to determine the most efficient event technology strategy going forward.

Audio Visual Design, Vegas Style

In the events industry, it’s not uncommon for organizations to produce the same event year after year even as the goals of your annual events evolve or change altogether. Producing the same show each year is the easiest possible route for your AV company to take. However, your organization is left at a disadvantage, and your attendees are often left wanting more.

Intelligent audio visual design involves collaborative discussions followed by smart planning to determine the most efficient event technology strategy going forward. It’s not about bleeding-edge technology or following trends regardless whether they serve the audience in question. Instead, it’s about challenging the “this is the way we do it” mentality and optimizing your dollars by maximizing what’s in the room.

Intelligent audio visual design means custom guidance instead of rote RFP response. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, look for an AV production partner that organizations rely on for intelligent audio visual design. Your production partner should always look at each of your shows individually, listen well, reevaluate your goals from the ground up, and guide your team in making smart decisions from start to finish.

The Best AV Team in the Industry

Of course, exceptional audio visual design and support are about more than AV production and AV equipment rental. Your AV production partner should employ staff who excel at audio visual design. They should be empowered and equipped to do whatever you need – and whatever it takes – to achieve your creative vision for your conference, meeting, or trade show exhibit.

While everybody claims that their team is the best, our team actually is. First and foremost, our people undergo a multi-stage hiring process that enables us to judiciously select from among the most talented, personable, and conscientious talent in the industry. We look for more than proven audio visual design skills and AV technician experience – we expect our people to show courtesy and business manners, dress for success, make a good impression while on show site, and go the extra mile to brings our clients peace of mind.

From there, our employees undergo continuous training throughout their careers at TST. Not surprisingly, the new team members we hire stick around. Our average employee tenure is more than 8 years, which is unheard of in the high-turnover events industry. These likeminded staff share our commitment to integrity and service, and they gain hands-on experience and professional opportunities they wouldn’t have anywhere else.

The Best Audio Visual Design Team and AV Technicians in Vegas

TST is based in Las Vegas, and we hire locally. We bring our professionalism, reliability, and service everywhere we go. Our clients respect our intelligent AV design philosophy and know our team has their best interests at heart. Our team-wide commitment to audio visual design, collaboration, and service is integral to our identity, and our clients tell us that our audio visual design team and AV technicians are the sorts of people they want supporting their shows.

About Total Show Technology

TST is the total show production solution for anyone who hosts, plans, manages, or produces live, virtual, or hybrid conferences, meetings, trade shows, and nightclub live events. We own the Pacific Southwest market and travel with our clients all across the country. Our clients have relied on us to deliver audio, video, lighting, rentals, and show production since 1996.

Whether you’re looking for audio visual support or advanced event technologies, we help your shows go off without a hitch and always make you look good. In an industry where almost anything can go wrong, we make sure everything goes right. Let’s have a conversation! Call us at 702-897-8508 or visit

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