RSN and TST: Leading the Industry into the Future

RSN and Total Show Technology: Leading for the Future

Industry relationships and shared RSN expertise are more important than ever in this new age of virtual and hybrid events.

Five members of the Total Show Technology (TST) team the participated in the most recent Rental & Staging Network (RSN) Leadership Symposium in Philadelphia. Attendees included corporate, department, and project leaders from RSN’s 26 member companies throughout North America. TST’s team had a great time at the symposium, and they learned a lot from their fellow RSN members.

RSN Lessons for a New Virtual Event Age

At its core, RSN is about education, networking, and relationship building with RSN colleagues and vendor partners. The Leadership Symposium focused on Leading for the Future, with the goal of helping attendees strengthen bonds and grow in their roles. Members came together to reinforce the organization’s core values of community, trust, event collaboration, and shared knowledge. Breakout groups for executives, project managers, and emerging leaders also offered daily opportunities for discussions and joint learning.

These relationships and this willingness to share knowledge and expertise are more important than ever now that the industry is evolving rapidly to include virtual and hybrid meetings and events. Workshop-style sessions enabled project managers to share ideas, solve problems, and learn from each other. This exchange of ideas has continued as the member companies, including TST, have evolved their business models to incorporate virtual and hybrid production capabilities.

Executives – the Inspire Group

If we don’t take a strategic approach to our people, we can’t take a strategic approach to the technical changes our evolving organizations need.

With this thought in mind, executives from member companies discussed the four pillars of talent optimization and how to use the results of individual, team, and organizational Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments® as a catalyst for improved communication, coaching, mentorship, and trust.

Project Managers – the Excel Group

A broad spectrum of programming was geared toward project managers who make site visits, organize crew and venue or virtual logistics, coordinate handoffs to the show team, lead preproduction efforts, perform on-show representation and wrap-up, and help manage cost accounting to ensure profitability.

Senior project managers from member organizations facilitated the sessions. Members shared their processes and methodologies and exchanged production and project management best practices.

Emerging Leaders – the Achieve Group

Attendees identified strategies for understanding management roles, gaining self-awareness of key manager traits, building people development skills, and implementing ways to cultivate teamwork.

In an “Unleash Your Inner Leader” workshop, RSN introduced key leader competencies that are essential to effective leadership and discussed how the results of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment can offer valuable information about each leader’s (and other team members’) motivation and confidence.

In particular, participants learned how to recognize what habits to develop to increase connection with the people they manage, identify opportunities to increase connection with their teams, prioritize connection-building as part of leadership, and create the conditions that make teams more reliable, present, and engaged.

TST’s Membership in RSN Brings Value to Our Clients

RSN brings together the industry’s premier live event staging companies, forming a North American network of experienced partners that deliver expert outcomes for events of all types. RSN gives the 26 member companies a forum for sharing industry insights and technology solutions, keeping them on the forefront of what’s new in event production.

All RSN companies provide industry-leading knowledge and capabilities with a consistent level of professionalism wherever client events are happening. RSN eliminates the need for clients to spend valuable time verifying the competence and capabilities of multiple audio visual production companies in different locations and gives clients a network of providers that are an exceptional alternative to in-house AV services.

You can learn more about RSN here.

About Total Show Technology

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