Audio Visual Consulting and Production

audio visual consulting and production

Many AV vendors provide audio visual consulting and production. Here’s how to choose the AV partner that’s right for you.

Your AV production company may provide audio visual services that include design, installation, and live production. They may provide audio, video, lighting, rigging, and staging. In addition, they may provide AV technicians and labor sourcing, along with AV equipment rental and sourcing. What you may not know is that some of the most respected AV production companies in the industry also provide audio visual consulting and total show production. These companies often create an intelligent AV design for meetings, events, and trade show booths.

Here, I’ll provide some guidance about how to choose the AV production partner that’s right for you.

Audio Visual Consulting – Solutions

In an industry where overpromise and under-deliver are the norm, choose an AV production partner that walks the talk.

Work with a company that provides audio visual consulting in addition to audio, video, lighting, equipment rental, and show production for conventions, corporate meetings and events, and trade shows. Intelligent audio visual design involves collaborative discussions followed by smart planning to determine the most efficient strategy going forward. It’s not about filling a room with bleeding-edge technology or following trends regardless whether they serve the audience in question. Instead, it’s about challenging the “this is the way we do it” mentality and optimizing client dollars by maximizing what’s in the room.

Intelligent audio visual design means custom guidance instead of rote RFP response. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, look for an AV production partner that other companies rely on for intelligent audio visual design. Your partner should look at each of your shows individually, listen well, reevaluate your goals from the ground up, and guide your team in making smart decisions from start to finish.

Audio Visual Consulting – Service

Make sure your account manager takes ownership of the entire audio visual consulting and production process, including booking the labor, requisitioning equipment, and coordinating freight and travel. While you should have one dedicated point of contact, make sure the entire company answers to you.

Furthermore, only work with AV companies whose event production team shows up on time, ensures all equipment is up and running, and has a pre-designed backup/risk management plan in case problems occur. That team should be empowered to make decisions and solve problems on show site.

This highly responsive team should make headaches disappear and always make you look good. They should take ownership of your event from start to finish. If you need something, you should be able to simply pick up the phone, and they should make it happen. Demand service, collaboration, consistency, and no surprises. Settle for nothing less.

Audio Visual Consulting – Ideas and Outcomes

Of course, the world of audio visual event production isn’t just about the latest and greatest technologies. It’s also about what you’re trying to achieve and the best way to achieve it.

Choose a real partner vs. a vendor – someone you can rely as a behind-the-scenes solution to provide audio visual consulting, along with video, audio, lighting, staging, computer services, staffing, rentals, and project management. Increasingly, meeting planners, producers, and others who host, manage, and support meetings, events, and trade shows are also seeking expanded show production services from the total show production partner they trust.

In particular, they want new show ideas, creative alternatives, and viable solutions that optimize their budgets, make a big impact on the look and feel of their events, and bring consistent results in line with their goals. They want guidance from the planning stage all the way to successful execution of their vision.

Choose a partner that has done every kind of show in every type of venue in Las Vegas and throughout the Pacific Southwest. Choose a partner that travels with their clients nationwide – a partner that knows what works, what doesn’t, and why. That partner should serve as your advisor, advocate, and partner, helping to educate you on both challenges and possibilities. They should take care of all the details. Just as importantly, they should collaborate and listen. 

Choose an AV Production Partner That Has Your Back

TST has built a reputation for putting on great shows, engaging audiences, and making our clients look good. We deliver experiences that are memorable for all the right reasons.

If you choose to work with us, you’ll receive exceptional audio visual consulting and intelligent AV design. Your reputation matters. Our reputation matters. Your interests are our interests, and as our long-term client relationships and 23-year reputation in Vegas attest, we’ve got your back.

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