4K UHD Technology

4K UHD Technology

4K UHD technology promises to be an important trend through 2022 and beyond. Here’s what it means for your events.

Not all video walls, monitors, or displays are created equal. It took more than a decade for the industry to fully adopt the shift to High Definition (HD) displays, and now signs are pointing to another big shift to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays. Today, the 4K UHD technology market is really starting to take off, and the technology promises to be an important trend through 2022 and beyond. Let’s examine why – and what it means for your events.

What Is 4K UHD Technology?

4K UHD is used for displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or wider. Whereas traditional HD is limited to 1920 vertical columns and 1080 horizontal rows of pixels (1920 x 1080), 4K UHD’s 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution is only slightly lower than the 4,096 x 2160 resolution used on cinema screens, known as Cinema 4K. With 4K UHD technology, four times as many dots make up an image as make up an HD image, giving you four times the picture quality. In other words, with the technology makes images visibly clearer and more easily readable.

Where Is 4K UHD Technology Being Used?

Hollywood movies are currently being shot in 4K, and many services that create content for users are creating 4K UHD technology content pieces. High-technology markets including consumer electronics, computers, streaming video, mobile devices, and gaming are starting to adopt 4K as their screen or display of choice. (Even higher specification standards exist beyond 4K UHD – up to 8K UHD.)

Audio visual production companies are also adopting 4K as standard equipment inventory because it provides an exceptional audience impact. If your events include high-tech presentations or video games as part of booth displays, 4K UHD technology is a must.

Do I Need to Create Special 4K Content for 4K UHD Technology?

While you can use non-4K material on a 4K display, you should create 4K content specifically for 4K UHD displays to gain the most clarity and impact.

The best approach for creating content for 4K UHD technology is to work with your AV production partner. Each system is different, so it’s important to choose a provider that will guide you through the process and test your content before the show on the exact system that will be used. 

Seek Guidance from Your AV Production Partner

If you’re using older screen technology than HD, it’s worth reviewing your needs with your AV production partner to see if 4K UHD technology is a good upgrade or migration path for your team.

Your partner should be able to help you understand the benefits and costs of 4K technology and identify the ways in which 4K video walls or monitors can improve image quality at your events. Together, you can determine what display technology investment is appropriate for your needs.

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